Hooligan Roach Tiny 6,5cm - 12 pack



Tiny jig perfect as a perch snack!

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What is this?

Hooligan Roach is originally designed by the swedish lure builder Ola Rasmusson. This is a straight down-size from the 21cm lure. It has a wide profile and a perfect calm and natural rocking motion that will trigger any perch swimming around!

The big paddle creates a unique motion all throughout the bait right down to the nose which sends out massive vibrations in the water. Combined with the wide profile, it's really easy for the perch to see it from a far distance.

We recommend a size 1 jighead.

It has a weight of 2gr.

Length 6-7 cm
Weight 1-5 gr
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Tiny jig perfect as a perch snack!