Illex SK-POP 5,3cm



Great popper bait for summer

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What is this?

Seiji Kato created the SK Pop using all his knowledge to make the perfect popper bait. The SK Pop is compact, well balanced and can be cast with the precision of a guided rocket thanks to the position of its internal weight.

Easy to work with a dog-walking action, it makes a perfect pop and splash imitating scattering fry that will trigger predators strikes even from deep waters. Those specials effects are due to Seiji Kato’s innovations. He added two small cavities in the hollow concave mouth to generate more splash. Works equally well when just stopped and hung in the water during slow retrieves.

Weight: 6.5gr
Model: Floating

Length 6-7 cm
Weight 6-10 gr
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Great popper bait for summer