LC Ned Head 3/0, 14gr, Green Pumpkin - 3pcs

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Ideal for finesse applications and the very popular Ned rig technique, the Ned Head Jig Head was built to give your Ned rig optimal performance and maximum action. Molded with a pill shaped head rather than a traditional mushroom head to keep your favorite soft plastic trailer standing perfectly straight up on the bottom, which entices pressured and wary fish into striking.

Featuring a patent pending LunkerGrip baitkeeper system, which consists of eight cones along the shank of the hook that holds soft plastics in place much more efficiently than any other keeper system on the market. Backed by a sticky sharp Mustad UltraPoint hook for a superior hook-up ratio and covered in durable chip-resistant powder coating, the Ned Head Jig Head is the jig head that all Ned-riggers have been waiting for!

Hook Sizes: 3/0

PACK: x3

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