Muddy water bundle Perch/Zander

  • Nettel Mini, Limetreuse (price: $10.58)
  • Flatnose Mini, Limetreuse (price: $14.85)
  • Monkey Shad, Limetreuse (price: $8.44)
  • Pigster Tail, Limetreuse (price: $12.71)
  • NAYS PRDTR 8,5, C07 (price: $10.15)
  • Berkley Sick Flanker, Hot Firetiger (price: $1.28)
  • Berkley Sick Flanker, Hot Firetiger (price: $1.28)


Great Color for Zander and Perch fishing in muddy waters!

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What is this?

Nettel Mini - 6-pack Perfect for 3/0 hooks. Can be fished both on a traditional jig head, weedless rigged, on a dropshot rig and with most other techniques.

Flatnose Mini - 10 pack 
Flatnose Mini can be fished in many ways to suit your fishing - on a jighead for traditional jigfishing (we recommend (We recommend a size 4/0 jig head) the back and one on the belly, it also works perfect to rig on a Carolina/Texas Rig with a Owner J Hook Offset 4/0 for those situations were the perch is hiding in the weeds or around other obstacles such as sunken trees and logs.

Monkey Shad 9 cm - 12-pack 
Monkey Shad is a new 9 cm jig mainly designed for perch fishing, but it works wonders for zander, pike and most other predatory species as well.Fish it on a regular jig head (size 4/0 is perfect) or on a Texas/Carolina Rig.

Berkley Sick Flanker 8cm, Hot Firetiger x2

The Berkley Sick range is a family of 6 types of softbaits, designed to cover every situation you will face on the water. The Sick Flanker is a highprofile paddletail that creates a high amplitude vibration on every speed. This bait makes a lot of noise and is very applicable in powerfishing and searching techniques.

NAYS PRDTR 8,5 cm 9-pack C07

The Nays PRDTR has taken the market by storm. You might have seen it in PERCH PRO 6 fished by the founder Dustin Schöne, teamed up with Tobias Ekvall. Nays Predator has proven it self as a high-end Perch, Zander and even Pike snack. Scented with Garlic scent.
Pigster Tail 12cm Limetreuse

Cold water fishing and sensitive stubborn perch makes no match for the appearance of the Pigster Tail. With its unique designed curved tail, it lashes out with motion creating a long and slimmed profile.

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Great Color for Zander and Perch fishing in muddy waters!