#LMAB Fluorocarbon 100 PRO, 30m



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What is this?

In the age of braided lines, there is no way around good fluorocarbon. As a leader material, this is absolutely necessary to protect the sensitive braided lines from line breakage. The qualities are quite different. The new #LMAB-Fluorocarbon is a 100% fluorocarbon leader you can rely on.

The index of refraction of light is very close to that of water, which is why the material is barely visible under water. The abrasion resistance is extremely high, so that it can also be used without hesitation in areas with a high risk of snagging, such as on mussel beds or in harbor areas. Every strength is available, from the finest thread for , to the bite-resistant pike leader.

The knot strength is high across the board and the material is a successful combination of knotability and strength. The stretch-optimized leader makes the best contact with the bait and still has a certain residual stretch as a buffer in the final phase of the fight. Made in Japan and supplied on large diameter spools, every predator angler will find their ideal predator leader.

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