Make Your Own Perch/Zander Leader

  • Strike Wire Fluorocarbon 0,35 mm (price: 119 kr)
  • Darts Swivel "Super rolling" Size 6, 6-pack (price: 29 kr)
  • BFT Fastach Snap - Size 1 / 11kg (25 lb) (price: 55 kr)
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169 kr(183 kr)

Components to create your own leader!

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What is this?

In this kit we included three components that you need when you make your own leader.

It is very easy to tie your own leaders, and we have a very good video for you that explains you how to tie your own leader!

Click here to see how to make a leader.

 Strike Wire Fluorocarbon 0,35 mm, Fastach's and swivels.