McRubber Jr - Competitor - 2 pack



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McRubber Jr is a smaller version of the McRubber that does the trick when the pike prefer smaller baits.

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What is this?

Sometimes it takes a smaller lure to make the big pike eat and then the McRubber Jr is a perfect choice. Even though it's a quite small lure, the relatively big paddle creates a lot of vibrations that will help the pike find the lure in the water.

The McRubber Jr can be perfectly rigged with a Svartzonker Stinger Tackle size Small or a BFT Shallow Stinger Small, either with a shallow screw ow a BFT Flexhead Pike. It also works great weedless rigged on an Owner Beast 10/0 hook.

17 centimeters, 45 grams. Comes in 2 pack.