Mega Softbaits Bundle Pike


Our favorite softbaits cooked down in a bundle to target the hungry pike!

  • Fiiish Blaster Shad 16cm Sexy Bream (price: $26.28)
  • Fatnose Shad - Golddigger (price: $16.68)
  • Abu Garcia Beast Paddle 2-pack 17cm Eelpout (price: $10.68)
  • Westin BullTeez Shadtail 18cm Natural Pike (price: $7.08)
  • Nettel Juvenile 2-pack Crystal Eelpout (price: $22.68)
  • Monkey Shad 14cm 3-pack Red and Black (price: $8.28)
  • Svartzonker McPike Real Series 21cm (2-pack) Smoking Hot Pike (price: $20.28)
  • Flatnose Shad - Crystal Pike (price: $16.68)
  • Köfi Perch 18cm - Real Perch (price: $9.12)
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What is this?

This bundle contains many softbaits that will be a great addition to your lure box this year and will most likely bring you some joy! Below is some rigging tips for each lure.

Fiiish Blaster Shad 16cm.

This new lure has been under development during a long time and the final lure resulted in an innovative and effective system. Hooks and weights are included, and for this 16cm you can vary the weight between 48 and 58g depending on the system you choose, which is included with the lure.

Fatnose Shad

Rig it on a M-WAR Stinger 3/0.

Hooligan Roach

We like using the Gator Stinger Big which is perfect for this lure.

Monkey Shad 14cm

1. On a shallow rig (Gator Stinger Small)

2. On a traditional jig head (SPRO Jighead HD 90 in 10/0)

3. On an offset hook for weedless fishing (Owner Beast 10/0)

Abu Garcia Beast Paddle 2-pack 17cm

Rig it on a M-WAR Stinger.

Westin BullTeez Shadtail 18cm

Rig it on a M-WAR Stinger.

Nettel Juvenile

We like to rig it on a Gator Stinger Small or on a 10/0 offset hook for weedless fishing.

McPike Real Series 21cm

Rig it on a M-WAR Stinger.

Flatnose Shad

The Flatnose Shad can be rigged in many different ways to perfectly fit your fishing situation. We recommend to rig it on a M-WAR Shallow stinger. If you want to fish it a bit deeper you can add on a clip weight or use a flexhead. It's also perfect to rig with an Owner Beast Twistlock 10/0 for those situations when the pike hide inside the weeds. With a Bauer Power Rattle inserted in the paddle, you have all the odds on your side. 

Köfi Perch 18cm

Rig it on a Gator Stinger Small.


Choose species: Pike
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Our favorite softbaits cooked down in a bundle to target the hungry pike!