Mitchell® MX3 Baitcasting Pike Reel with line!

  • Mitchell® MX3 Baitcasting Reel (price: €63.24)
  • Spiderwire Stealth Smooth 12 Braid, 0,29- Translucent (price: €26.67)
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Great pike baitcasting reel with a line included (not pre-spooled)

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What is this?

The MX3LP low profile reel is an affordable reel with strong specifications: 5 bearings, light weight one-piece graphite frame and high density EVA handle knobs. The 11-setting centrifugal braking system is very accurate and helps to determine the ideal brake settings for different lures. This system is easy accessable with the external dial button.

The MX3LP is the ideal choice for the beginning baitcasting angler who is looking for decent quality for an affordable price.

SpiderWire® Stealth® Smooth 12 Braid is tightly woven with 12 PE fibres to create a tight, round braid that is strong and sensitive. It is silky smooth, thin and soft, causing it to be quiet through the guides. Color: Translucent

• Woven with 12 PE fibres for a tight, round
braid that is strong, sensitive, smooth and quiet
• Soft and limp for long, effortless casts
• Knots clinch effortlessly and securely

Handle side Handle on left side