Molix Supernato Beetle Baby 5 cm

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Get some surface action with this bait from Molix!

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What is this?

 The Supernato Beetle Baby is the smaller version of the Supernato Beetle, another creation of Molix in collaboration with Mike Iaconelli. It retains the same characteristics and the same swimming action of his older brother, all in a body of only 5 cm.

The best way to use it is with light equipment, in open water or in spot with vegetation. High speed and linear retrievals are the best way to use this lure, without hesitation and with a good trim. It can be used with an action of twitching that imitate a small insect that has fallen into the water, it also stimulates the most apathetic and suspicious bass predatory instinct. The double hook, small but tough, will help you to fight large fishes, despite the very small size of the lure.

5 cm, 5,5 gr.