Monkey Brute with rigs (Zander)

  • CWC Tournament Stinger Stainless Steel #1 (price: £5.08)
  • Monkey Brute 17, Golddigger (price: £7.30)
  • BFT Flexhead Pike - Green Pumpkin - M - 2-pack, 25gr (price: £4.35)
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What is this?

Monkey brute 17cm in the color Golddigger together with rigs. 
This kit includes:

CWC PRO Stinger, SS 40lb Tournament Single 1 with super sharp hooks. The Tournament never kicks and stays flexible.

Monkey Brute 17 cm (35gr) is especially developed to be fished extremely slow and with very light weights. With the narrow body and the special design on the paddle it gets an very attractive movement in the water when fishing it very slow, especially if you make a spinstop and let the lure drop. In the color - Golddigger.

BFT Flexhead Pike - Green Pumpkin - M - 2-pack, 7gr. This weighted head screws on to any pike sized rubber lure. It stays on when you fight the fish and it helps you to present your lure with high precision on your desired depth.