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The Monkey Fry is a small (2,76") -  7 cm finesse softbait that will catch fish when nothing else does. The tiny size and subtle movement makes it perfect for waters with heavy fishing pressure and when conditions aren’t ideal - falling air pressure, cold weather, rain etcetera. It’s also a great lure for catching LOTS of fish due to the small size.

While most lures imitate baitfish like minnows or small roach, this one looks more like a small sculpin, eelpout or goby, which are both common food for perch and other predators in many waters - both in lakes, rivers and in the archipelago. If you don’t have any lures imitating sculpin, eelpout or goby, it’s a good idea to get yourself some and try - sometimes it’s like dynamite!

We mostly fish the Monkey Fry on a dropshot rig but it can also be fished on a small jig head or Texas/Carolina Rig bouncing on the bottom. Try to make longer pauses every now and then, often the perch pick them up from the bottom!

Comes in 16 pack. 2,5 gr, 7 cm.

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