Monkey Vibe with Ned Head 10cm, 2/0

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Monkey Vibe 10cm, 16-pack together with Ned Head 2/0, Choose weight.

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Monkey Vibe 10cm, 4,6gr, 16-pack

What is unique with this bait except the cool bodyshape is that is can be fished effectively with many different methods.

It moves extremely nice when fishing it on a drop shot rig and even with the slightest twitch with the rod it gets a worm-like movement in the water thanks to the ribbed body. When you are retrieving it through the water the tail will have a nice paddling action, which also makes it possible to fish it with a jigghead just as well as with a drop shot rig!

Bite of Bleak Ned Head, delivers the same action as the Ned Head Offset where the jighead makes the bait stand straight up and this entices the fish to bite. Equipped with a bait keeper that holds the bait in place and doesn't damage the softbait as much as a classic jighead collar. Comes in 4-pack.