Perch Fishing Set-up (Fishgal and Hannah)

  • Abu Garcia EON Spinning Rod 10-30gr (price: $183.66)
  • Abu Garcia Revo3 SX Spinning Reel, 2500 (price: $137.72)
  • Berkley Sick Braid Hi-Vis Yellow 150m, 012mm (price: $21.04)


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What is this?

The perfect set-up for your perch fishing! Rod and reel from Abu Garcia who are known for always having high quality in their products. Together with Berkley Sick Braid Hi-Vis Yellow 150m, 0,12mm. 

Abu Garcia EON Spinning Rod 10-30gr.

EON is a range of high tech lure fishing rods. The rods are made with advanced rod blank construction technology, utilizing high grade carbon material in combination with Nano Technology resin usage.

Abu Garcia Revo3 SX Spinning Reel 2500 is the perfect fit for thte EON rod. 
Gear Ratio: 5.1:1
Max Drag: 11lb | 5.2kg
Weight: 211 g

Berkley SICK 8 strand PE braid, super smooth high-performance line with low stretch and high knot strength. 0,12mm. 

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