Pig Shad Jr - Night Crawler OS - 2 pack

Strike Pro


The Pig Shad Jr from Strike Pro - a first class pike snack!

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What is this?

The Pig Shad Jr is a smaller version of the very popular Pig Shad. It has the same movement as it's bigger brother and comes in very handy when the pike prefer smaller lures or are a bit slow. It's also perfect for fishing in heavy weed cover thanks to the compatibility to rig it with a weedless hook.

The Night Crawler is an Open Source color designed and named by our viewers in the Kanalgratis Live show March 30th 2015. Click here to see how it was created!

For weedless fishing, rig it with a Owner Beast Twistlock size 10/0. Of cource you could also rig it traditionally with a BFT Flexhead Pike or a shallow screw with a stinger.

Comes in 2 pack. 20 cm, 50 gr.

Length 20-22 cm
Weight 41-50 gr