Pike hardbait Fall bundle

  • Buster Jerk 15 cm, Burbout (price: $18.60)
  • Gator Jerk 15 cm Mintuu (price: $21.90)
  • Headbanger Shad 16 cm, Floating (price: $21.90)
  • Berkley® Zilla Lipless 13,5cm, 80g, Ayu Green (price: $17.50)


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What is this?

Perfect hardbait bundle for pike fishing! Bundle includes:

Buster Jerk 15 cm. This lure has a very seducing side-to-side movement with bellyflash when you jerk it home. You can also jek it with the rodtip upwards to make it fish just below the surface. This method has been proven to be really effective and deadly for the pike during spring that is standing very shallow and also the summerpike which active when the sun is going down and doesn't say no to a snack presented in the surface. Hooks included.

Gator Jerk, color mintuu is a easy fished, slow sinking jerkbait developed for all situations. You can fish it in shallow areas, and if you want to fish it deeper you can easily add on a weight without the bait to loose the movement. You can jerk it fast or slow, but also you can just retrieve it with spinstop.

Headbanger Shad 16 cm, Rainbow Floating. Combining the erratic and evasive Headbanger movement with the fish-like characteristics of the fixed exchangeable paddle tail, the Headbanger Shad is a predator teaser with an action that no other lure can offer.
It works really well with a simple straight retrieve, but excels when used with pauses and small twitches.

Berkley® Zilla Lipless 13,5cm, 80gr, Ayu Green. The Zilla Lipless crankbait has been designed to catch Pike and catfish in all types of waters. The tough wire-through construction enables you to land even the biggest monsterfish. The Reverberation Chamber System (RCS) creates the loudest vibrations possible. This fast sinking bait is suitable for depths of 1 – 5+ meter.
Choose species: Pike

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