Berkley Sick Vamper 22cm



If you are hunting for the big predators this is your lure!

Berkley Sick Vamper 22cm 3 for 2


Choose your 3 favorite colors of the Sick Vamper 22 cm for the price of 2!

Buster Jerk 15 cm Sinking

Strike Pro


Classic Buster Jerk, sinking.

Illex Fivoss 10,5 cm (3'8") 5-pack



The Fivoss sees a welcome return of a craw lure to our Illex range.

Pig Shad 23 cm Standard Colors

Strike Pro


Pig Shad is a soft-plastic shad inspired by the classic jerkbait The Pig.

Strike Pro Pig Shad Nano, 15cm, 20gr, 4-pack

Strike Pro


Pig Shad Nano 15cm is the ultimate down-size lure.

Fiiish Blaster Shad, 16cm



The Blaster Shad is a lure dedicated to pike fishing!

Svartzonker McPike Real Series 25cm 106 gr (2-pack)

Abu Garcia/Svartzonker


Big Predator bait 👌

Nettel Laken - Crystal Pike

Nettel Baits


A very realistic eelpout imitation designed by Björn Nettelbladt and produced by Kanalgrat...

Gunki Gunzilla 23 cm



The name says it all!

Fiiish Blaster Shad, 13cm



The Blaster Shad is a lure dedicated to pike fishing!

Westin HypoTeez ST 25 cm



Abu Garcia® Beast Insta-Spinnerbait 2-pack

Abu Garcia


With the Instant Spinnerbait you easily turn your softbait into an attractive spinnerbait.

Strike Jr Spinnerbait

Strike Pro


Fishing with small spinnerbaits is one of the most effective techniques you can use for pe...

Buster Swim Kanalgratis Custom 13 cm

Strike Pro


The next member of the Buster Jerk family. Deepening the use of the original Buster Jerk c...

Pig Shad JR 20cm - 2pack Kanalgratis Custom colors

Strike Pro


The Pig Shad Jr from Strike Pro - a first class pike snack! CUSTOM KANALGRATIS COLORS!

Giant Pig Shad 26 cm - Hot Pike

Strike Pro


The Giant Pig Shad 26 cm is a bigger brother of the extremely popular Pig Shad 23 cm - and...


Strike Pro


The wooden Pig jerkbait is a true pike slayer, therefore the world was very pleased when S...

Abu Garcia Beast Twin Tail 2-pack 21cm

Abu Garcia


New cool softbait from Abu Garcia.

Monkey Shad 14 cm - 3-pack



Perfect downsize pike lure from M-WAR that will get the job done when others won't. For a ...