Quantum EXO Baitcaster 101



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The Ferrari of baitcasting reels - this beauty from Quantum will take your perch fishing to the next level.

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What is this?

For every year, you see more and more skilled perch and bass anglers fishing with baitcasting reels instead of spinning reels and the reasons are simple - with a baitcasting reel you do get better contact with your lure and you can get a lot better control and accuracy of your lure presentation as the line goes straight into the reel instead of "spinning around" the reel like many of us are used to from our standard spinning reels. 

The Quantum EXO 101 SPT is a small, left-handed baitcasting reel that we simply love to use for our perch fishing with jigs, Texas and Carolina rigs, hard lures and most other modern techniques. 

It has a gear ratio of 6.6:1 which gives you 72 cm of line for every turn with the handle. This gives you a lot of power to easily set the hooks and to fight your fish fast if you've found a school of biting fish. The weigh is only 167 grams which makes for an awesome fishing feeling when geared up with a proper lightweight rod. 11 ball bearings makes it smooth as a knife in heated butter. Line capacity 130m/0,24mm.

If you ask us, this is the Ferrari of baitcasting reels.

Quantum 101 Lågprofilsrulle

Helt klart den bästa och lättaste rullen jag någonsin använt, sitter riktigt bra i handen och bromsfunktionerna är superbra för dom lite mindre vana kastarna. Toppbetyg, rekommenderas starkt! :)