Ready-to-use Darts Dropshot Rig

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Pre-made dropshot rig from Darts. Just add a dropshot weight and a jig and you're ready to go!

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What is this?

Dropshot is a very efficient method when the perch is a bit tricky and in cold water. You can fish it extremely slow with small twitches and you always know exactly how far from the bottom your jig is suspended. It's also a very simple teqhnicue to use.

This is a ready-made rig from Darts with a dropshot hook tied to a 0,30 mm leader. Just add a dropshot weight and a suitable jig (not included) and you're ready to go!

Available with hook size 1 and 4.

Size 1 is good for slightly bigger jigs like the 11,5 cm Ribster and size 4 is good for small jigs like the 7,5 cm Ribster and the Scissor Comb.

Click here to watch a dropshot rig in action!