Seven Bass Float Tube - Expedition FLEX

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What is this?

The SEVEN BASS "EXPEDiTiON FLEX" is part of the RENEGADE SERIES. The Expedition is the largest float tube within the SBD line. The Expedition has all the benefits of a hybrid: quick setup, ease of maintenance, and highly customizable. Weighing approximately 8kg /18lbs, the V shape chambers provide greater buoyancy and are equipped with summit valves for efficient inflation.

It comes equipped with a trolling motor bracket, so anglers can quickly and efficiently mount a 40lb e-trolling motor. This model stands apart thanks to its formidable size and weight capacity of 180kg/ 450lbs. The Expedition is ideal for anglers on extended fishing session for larger predator fish. The Expedition Flex benefits from the CLIPLINE, a system of nylon webbing and Velcro strips that runs the length of the model to anchor loose gear or up to four CARGO FLEX side bags.

A high positioned dropstitch seat provides greater comfort and support for extended fishing sessions. There are two backseat rod holders and the apron has a zippered pocket for direct access to small tackle boxes. The backseat storage is ideal for placing a fishing bakkan for the trolling motor’s battery. Backpack straps are included to assist in transport once inflated.