Shimano Bantam baitcasting 151 HG Left Hand

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The Bantam is low profile baitcasting reel with a serious attitude! The Coresolid body is made from ultra strong aluminium and has remarkable rigidly, giving the assured feeling of a 'round' profile reel, with the ergonomic design and usability of a baitcaster.

You will almost certainly know the Bantam name, it’s been around for over 40 years and has a loyal following with lure anglers who want no-nonsense, solid performance. The reel looks clean and powerful, is easy to pair with just about any mid or high-end Shimano rod, and fits smoothly into the hand making palming very easy and comfortable. You’ll certainly notice the great casting performance and can’t fail to be impressed with the powerful fish-playing performance that is the hallmark of the Bantam name.

The latest version of the Bantam benefits from a lightweight MGL III Spool and SVS Infinity breaking, which is further enhanced by Silent Tune and Super Free Spool. Lures of just about any size can be safely launched remarkable distances and the breaking can be instantly adjusted using the external dial to accommodate different lure sizes or conditions. But it is the retrieve and fish-playing performance where the Bantam really excels.

The combination of Micromodule Gear and Infinity Drive give a super-smooth directness, even when cranking at fast speeds, and combined with the rigidity of the Coresolid Body enable maximum power to be transferred from the handle to the fish when the heat is really on. And don’t worry about the lack of stretch if you use braided line. The Cross Carbon Drag makes sure the drag is smooth, powerful and always reliable, even when you ask the most demanding of questions.

Weight: 220g
Gear Ratio: 7.1:1
Bearings: 8+1
Max Drag: 5kg
Line Capacity: 0.33-100mm

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