Shimano Bantam Bundle

  • Bantam Kozak DR, 54mm 8g, 114 Brown Yellow (price: $15.17)
  • Bantam Macbeth, 50mm, 12g, 219 B (price: $17.21)
  • Bantam Pavlo shad 52SP, 006 Stain Shad (price: $15.17)
  • Bantam Rattlin Sur-Vibe, 62mm, 14gr, T07 Tiger (price: $16.19)


New hardbaits from Shimano you definetly should add to your lurebox! Approved by Team Galant.

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What is this?

In this bundle you will get 4 new Hardbaits from Shimano that will cover many situations, great selection for fishing with this fall!

 Shimano Lure Bantam Kozak DR, 54mm 8g - Brown Yellow:
The Kozak has a great wide swimming action for all retrieve speeds, from slow to high. Due to the round and bulky shape, it has both a rolling and wide kicking action, making it irresistible for all predators. Also there is a deep sound rattle, making it even more attractive.

 Shimano Lure Bantam Macbeth, 50mm, 12g - 219 B:
The Bantam Macbeth is a great crank for cover cranking. Due to the unique low center of gravity weight the lure barely gets snagged anymore (see movie). The wide action is due to the ‘Slash Edge lip’, which has a thinner design on both sides, that gives less water resistance and as a result a better and wider rolling and kicking action.

 Shimano Lure Bantam Pavlo shad 52SP - 006 Stain Shad:
The Bantam Pavlo Shad is a shad type of hard bait that is successful at both High-speed and by jerking, resulting in a ‘dart action’. The Pavlo Shad has a ‘Jerk assist Balancer system’ when jerking, the weight moves to the rear side, resulting in a very appealing darting action. When starting retrieving again, the weight moves back to the front again, giving the lure a stable swimming action again, even at high speed!

Shimano lure Bantam Rattlin Sur-Vibe, 62mm, 14gr - T07 Tiger
The Bantam Rattlin Sur-Vibe has a unique square design body, giving a unique swimming action already starting at a slow retrieve. It is designed for lift-and-fall techniques because of the special ‘Shimmy falling action’, but it also works great with steady retrieve. On the bottom it will keep up because of the squared head and high floating upper part, so directly from the bottom up the swimming action starts directly. Type: Sinking

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New hardbaits from Shimano you definetly should add to your lurebox! Approved by Team Gala...