Shimano BT World Pop Flash Boost 6,9cm, 11gr



Great popper from Shimano, MUST HAVE this summer!

This purchase will pay 318 fishcoins now!
What is this?

The World Pop 69F FLASH BOOST is a top water lure with massive fish appeal that can be used in two different ways. When retrieved using regular, small jerks a ‘Walk the dog’ action can be attained, whilst aggressive jerks and sweeps produce a popping action that creates a large water disturbance and fish attracting noise.

The addition of FLASH BOOST technology creates visual attraction using the light flashing reflector and the use of Kyorin / SCALE BOOST 3D holographic film gives a remarkable life-like scale pattern, which is especially noticeable as the lure is stopped during the retrieve or when moving slowly on the surface.

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Great popper from Shimano, MUST HAVE this summer!