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Used a lot by Gunki team member Martin Wasberg!

  • Iron-T Chooten - Spinning 228 M/ML 5-18 gr (price: $221.61)
  • Gunki THG FV Reel 2500 (price: $210.51)
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Gunki Iron-T Chooten  - Spinning 228 M/ML 5-18 gr

These POWER FEELING blanks have extra-sensitive tips that pick up the slightest bite or movement on your lure. Fitted with Fuji K rings and micro-guides, the rods are extremely responsive – ideal for all tactile styles of fishing. T

he fast action lends itself to a wide range of tactics and with rods of different lengths and power in the range you can cover all finesse style situations - drop shot, micro jig, light jig head, weightless…

Also great for linear fishing with plugs or soft baits. A lot of thought has gone into the handle design. Made entirely from cork with a uniquely comfortable ergonomic profile, these handles improve casting and lure control with the added bonus that cork is a good insulating material so your hands stay warmer when fishing in cold winter weather! 2 sections.

Action: Extra Fast
Length: 228 cm
Weight: 119 gr
Power: 5-18 gr

Gunki THG FV Reel 2500:

This reel is a distillation of the very latest technologies to produce top quality model with very precise gearing for ultra-smooth winding that you will appreciate particularly when playing hard fighting fish. Very light and compact. We have selected a carbon composite material for the body and rotor as it offers the best balance between weight and strength.

The reel handle is screwed directly into the command gear and eliminates any risk of play when winding and adds extra cranking power when playing large fish. Multi disk micrometric drag system is protected by a waterproof seal so it stays running smoothly no matter what the weather.

Spool Capacity Line: 0.205mm/ 150m
Ratio: 5.2/1
Needle Bearing: 1
Weight: 215 g
Line/Handle Turn: 73 cm
Ball Bearings: 10

Slide Braid Iron-T:

Made from top quality PE fibres, we have worked on the density of this braid to get a perfectly round profile. This rigid line is great for intensive cast and retrieve lure fishing. A Teflon surface coating improves casting performance gaining valuable extra meters every cast.

The absence of stretch gives the line excellent linear strength and great knot resistance. The Flouro Green colour allows you follow every cast and detect subtle pulls on the line.