Svartzonker McHybrid 20cm, 100g - Blank


No painted bait for you who wants to decide how it should look by yourself!

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What is this?

Svartzonker McHybrid is the bait with interchangeable tails and now it is also available without color so you can decide what you want your bait to look like!

McHybrid is an effective and unique hybrid lure where two worlds meet in one, soft and hard at the same time. 

Attach it to the upper eyelet and it will swim deeper and with a wider wandering pattern. The lower eyelet gives it a smoother and shallower swimming pattern. If you want an even smoother and super shallow presentation, switch from the paddle to the tail.

• Made of impact resistant ABS
• Weighted with eco-friendly zinc
• Stainless steel wire through for extra strength
• Oversized stainless steel tail screw for easy installation of paddle/tail
• Eco-friendly phthalate-free plastisol
• Designed in Sweden by Svartzonker
• Extra strong stainless steel split rings
• Super sharp Berkley Fusion19 hooks

Lenght: 20cm
Weight: 100gr

Abu have a competition where you're going to paint your own bait! The competition runs from 11 October to 30 November.
The winner first and foremost wins a fishing day together with Claes Claesson Svartzonker but they also win a main collection on YOUR color in Abu´s collections next year. For more information about the competition check it out here.

Length 20-22 cm
Weight 81-100 gr

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No painted bait for you who wants to decide how it should look by yourself!