Westin RingTeez Curltail 10cm 8-pack



Wherever it goes, it creates a stir!

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What is this?

Wherever it goes, it creates a stir! The protruding bands on the RingTeez cause tempting vibrations in the water and attract any bass, perch or zander within range. Once they've spotted it, the vibrant colours and wacky tail-action - there are different tails to choose from - are designed to mesmerize

them into taking. Rig it any way you like to suit the conditions - regular jigstyle, dropshot, Texas or Carolina style - it's gonna bring you some serious fish.

  • Turbulence ring design
  • Optimized flexibility
  • Realistic eyes
  • Available with different tails
  • Easy actions tails
  • Different taste on selected models
  • Perfect for Jigging, Dropshot, Texas/Carolina Rig

Weight: 4g

Length 8-10 cm
Weight 1-5 gr
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Wherever it goes, it creates a stir!