Westin ZanderTeez Shadtail 12cm



Wellknown lure from Westin

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What is this?

Perfect for spin fishing and vertical jigging for predators like perch, zander and pike.

ZanderTeez has a unique mix of fish-catching features. The shad tail with a slender wrist in combination with the body shape gives two swimming actions in one bait. The tail is kicking fast from one side to another while the body is moving slowly in a rolling belly-flashing swimming action.

A super-hot and deadly action! If that’s not enough, the life-like imitation of a zander, the realistic eyes and hand painted color details will do the trick.

12cm, 21gr

  • Life-Like-Lure
  • Realistic Eyes
  • Easy action paddle tail
  • Hand painted detailed colors
Length 11-12 cm
Weight 21-25 gr
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Wellknown lure from Westin