Abu Garcia Ike Dude Spincast Combo 10-30gr for kids (Encapsuled)

  • Abu Garcia Ike Dude Spincast Combo 10-30gr for kids (Encapsuled) (prix: €36,88)
  • Berkley Pulse Spintail 5g, Red head (prix: €6,38)


For our younger anglers! Inlcuded Berkley Pulse Spintail. (Not the color on the second picture)

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Precision for Anglers, inspired by Mike Iaconelli from the United States!

The IKE DUDE combos are designed for young anglers who want to start fishing. The blanks are made of strong and reliable composite material and the reel is made of strong components to guarantee long fishing pleasure. The reel has 2 ball bearings and is pre-spooled with 0,25 mm diameter line. Just add a leader (complete leaders here) and your favorite lure and you are ready to go!

1,67 m long, recommended casting weight: 10-30 gr.

With  Berkley Pulse Spintail Color:  Dark & Dirty Roach, 5gr

With this Spintail you will cast long and it's easy to fish. It's a small spinner with an extra twist! The larger spoon sends out seductive signals to the predator, while the small one makes the whole bait vibrate which makes it a killer for perch!

Rod length 6' (183 - 213cm)
Casting weight (up to) 15gr