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  • Flatnose Dragon (prix: $13.42)
  • Flatnose Mini (prix: $13.42)
  • Monkey Rib 10-pack (prix: $8.60)
  • Baby Shark 8-pack (prix: $11.49)


It might not look much to the eye but it sure catches fish!

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Flatnose Baby Dragon 11 cm - 10-pack

Perfect for 2/0 or 3/0 hooks. Can be fished both on a traditional jig head, Texas rig, Carolina rig, dropshot and most other techniques.

Ever since the Flatnose Dragon was released a few years ago, it has served as a safe card for many pike anglers around Europe for those slow days when the fish aren't biting properly, or in cold water conditions. This is exactly when the Flatnose Baby Dragon will come into play as well. 

The Dragon style tail will work wonders in even the slowest of speeds which makes this small snack an ideal choise for slow fishing. It has a slim profile which makes it easy for all fish to inhale. It's slotted back and belly makes it possible to rig on a weedless hook with an excellent hook-up ratio. 

Flatnose Mini - 10 pack

Edvin Johansson, known from Team Galant, is a young angler and lure builder with a big passion for fishing. The Flatnose Mini is his first lure for Perch fishing. The fairly small size combined with the big paddle and wide profile creates a small-sized lure that still makes a lot of noise and impressions in the water making it easy for perch to find and try to eat it.

Monkey Rib 10-pack

The Monkey Rib is another new softbait in the M-WAR ”Standard Series”. We simply wanted something with a bigger profile and more movement that would be easier for the fish to find - ideal for muddy waters, dark conditions or simply when the fish are really active.

The wide profile, ribbed body and big, yet slim paddle, gives this jig an aggressive swimming action that makes this a perfect compliment to the Monkey Shad which has a much more subtle profile and swimming action.

9 cm, 6gr

Baby Shark 8-pack

Downsize jig of the Shark Shad. The large paddle gives this lure amazing swimming action. In the drop, the big paddle really slows down the jig and at the same time, gives a lot of vibrations. Works great with light jig head. Will trigger the sh*t out of any hungry pike, perch, zander, bass or any other predatory fish...

This little creature has a weight of 9 gr and is 10 cm.

Monkey Fry 16-pack

The Monkey Fry is a small 7 cm finesse softbait that will catch fish when nothing else does. The tiny size and subtle movement makes it perfect for waters with heavy fishing pressure and when conditions aren’t ideal - falling air pressure, cold weather, rain etcetera. It’s also a great lure for catching LOTS of fish due to the small size.

While most lures imitate baitfish like minnows or small roach, this one looks more like a small sculpin, eelpout or goby, which are both common food for perch and other predators in many waters - both in lakes, rivers and in the archipelago. If you don’t have any lures imitating sculpin, eelpout or goby, it’s a good idea to get yourself some and try - sometimes it’s like dynamite!

We mostly fish the Monkey Fry on a dropshot rig but it can also be fished on a small jig head or Texas/Carolina Rig bouncing on the bottom. Try to make longer pauses every now and then, often the perch pick them up from the bottom!

Comes in 16 pack. 2,5 gr, 7 cm.

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It might not look much to the eye but it sure catches fish!