Baitcasting reels

Why should you fish with multi for pike? The advantages with a multi-reel are that you can cast more heavy baits and then you hold the line with your thumb when you are casting and do not have to keep your index finger on the line when casting, which over time can be uncomfortable and hurt.

Always keep your thumb on the spool when casting with a little pressure to check that the spool does not spin faster than the line runs out, it can create tangle. It is also easier to brake if you cast a little wrong and may end up in a tree by quickly pressing your thumb against the spool. On an open reel roller you set up the trade and grip the spool and it does not brake as controlled.

Usually you use multi-reel when you are fishing for pike, because you usually cast heavier baits. However, we also have multi-reels for perch fishing, which is incredibly fun and here you get even more precision on your casts. It can be good if you are fishing between branches or where you have small gaps you would like to dot. Do not hesitate to contact us in the speech bubble to the right if you need help!

Watch this film where our expert fisherman Edvin fishes with a multi reel!

Quantum Baitcaster Nova 351 (left handle)


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The Nova from Quantum America is the first traditional left-handed multiplier reel for hea...