Edvin Johansson's Perch Pick

  • Flatnose Baby Dragon - Zalt & Pepper Lime 10-pack (price: $13.46)
  • #LMAB KÖFI Multi Vibe Chatterbait 1/0, 7gr, Green Pumpkin (price: $9.58)
  • Reflex Spinner G/Green12gr (price: $4.74)
  • Köfi Perch 11 cm - Motoroil Perch 4-pack (price: $8.62)
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We asked Edvin Johansson to come up with the ultimate bundle for this summer!

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10 x Flatnose Mini Bling Bling Baitfish

1 x #LMAB KÖFI Multi Vibe Chatterbait 1/0 Green Pumpkin 7gr

1 x Abu Garcia Reflex Spinner Red 12gr K

4 x KÖFI Perch 11 cm 4-pack Motoroil

We recommend if you don't have, to get one pack of Jig Heads in size 4/0 for Flatnose Mini and size 3/0 for Köfi Perch 7cm.

Length 6-7 cm
Choose species: Perch