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You might have seen this Jigg in this season FLY VS JERK, and its a killer for pike!!

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What is this?

Jiggen is a swimbait that Björn at has been developing for the last 7 years. The bait you see today is the result of many changes, remakes and twitches to make it simply perfect. The goal has been to create a swimbait that is easy to rig, has a nice movement in the water and tricks our predators into biting!

Jiggen has a calm and smooth swiming action with a lot of paddle movement. This allows you to fish the bait en very low speeds if needed without loosing the seductive swiming action. Jiggen has an awesome swiming action, whether you fish it slowly or fast. The big paddle contributes to a rolling movement with a lot of bellyflash. Jiggen is available in three sizes, 19cm, 22cm and 25cm.

Jiggen 25cm can be rigged with shallowscrew, jighead or srew-in head. We recomend you to use a double stinger with treblehooks size 2/0 - 3/0. Jiggen 25cm can be rigged with an offsethook size 12/0 if you are fishing areas with a lot of vegetation. If you want to improve your hook setting ratio, add a singlestinger with a treblehook size 1/0 - 2/0 on the back.

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