Gunki BCR 400 HD Baitcasting Reel including line



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Very price-worthy pike-sized baitcasting reel from Gunki with gear ratio 4.7:1 perfect for fishing with rubber lures.

  • Strike Wire Mossgreen 0,36 mm (price: $28.21)
  • Gunki BCR 400 HD Baitcasting Reel (price: $247.78)
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What is this?

The Gunki BCR 400 HD is a new pike-sized baitcasting reel from Gunki for 2016. The gear ratio of 4.7:1 makes it perfect for slow fishing with rubber lures, tail baits etcetera and gives you a lot of power for fishing big lures and fighting monster fish. It's ergonomically designed and sits perfectly in your hand thanks to the asymmetric design resulting in a slightly smaller right side of the body casing, where you hold your hand.

High quality stainless bearings, infinite anti-reverse, lightweight aluminium spool, powerful and progressive fighting drag, oval line guide giving you longer and smoother casts and an ergonomic easygrip handle - in other words, this reel has all the feautures you want from a high-end pike fishing reel. If you ask us, this is probably the most price-worthy baitcasting reel available on the market right now.

Buy this reel and get a Strike Wire Extreme 0,36 mm line into the bargain. Great deal! Don't miss it. 

7 ball bearings, 1 needle bearing, gear ratio 4.7:1, line capacity 0,32mm / 170m, weight 261 gr.

Just about right.

Bought this during the sale, wasn't sure what to expect, but it turned out to be quite a smooth reel. A friend of mine bought an expensive reel at Fiskemässan Jönköping 2017 two weeks before my reel arrived, I gotta say, I'm impressed with this products performance.