Illex Dunkle 19,5 cm Chartreuse Stike Gill

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Must have for the modern angler!

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Qu'est-ce que c'est?

The DUNKLE 7” is a soft shad swimbait packed with the same innovative features as its smaller brother! Designed for bass and pike anglers, the dense body helps with long distance casting but is also great for skipping around weed beds and snags.

The lure is armed with an ultra-sharp double hook on a rolling swivel with a split ring and kept in place with a clip that comes free when a fish takes. This reduces hook pulls and missed takes by holding the hook in the optimal position.

A second clip is fitted to the back of the DUNKLE to let you fish closer to snags. The body shape tapers fast from the thick shoulders to the large tail generates a seductive swaying action when fished at slow speed.

Hook included.

19,5 cm, 62gr. Model: Sinking

Longueur 16-19 cm
Longueur 20-22 cm
Weight 61-80 gr

Not recommended

I realy can't recommend this lure, it's so expensive and the quality is not better than cheaper lures. The eyes fall off easily and the "hook keeper" on the top of the lure was painted over. BTW it's not 19,5cm it's 17,5.