Make Your Own Perch/Zander Leader

  • Strike Wire Fluorocarbon 0,35 mm (prix: €11,00)
  • Darts Swivel "Super rolling" Size 6, 6-pack (prix: €2,68)
  • BFT Fastach Snap - Size 1 / 11kg (25 lb) (prix: €5,08)
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Components to create your own leader!

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Qu'est-ce que c'est?

In this kit we included three components that you need when you make your own leader.

It is very easy to tie your own leaders, and we have a very good video for you that explains you how to tie your own leader!

Click here to see how to make a leader.

 Strike Wire Fluorocarbon 0,35 mm, Fastach's and swivels.