Molix Finder Jerk 11 cm Suspending



Find the perch with this jerk from Molix.

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What is this?

It is a jerk Minnow with armor made of stainless steel, it is equipped with extra strong split rings and high quality treble hooks. The paddle, reinforced with a new synthetic resin, provides an excellent impact resistance.

The lure creates a vibrant movement in a balanced trim. It is effective for finesse presentations, in saltwater or for medium and large-sized predators in freshwater. It swims very well with a smooth retrieval. Jerking it with decision offers significant performances with both versions.

11 cm, 8,5 gr

Suspending; 50 cm - 130 cm.

Length 11-12 cm
Weight 6-10 gr
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Find the perch with this jerk from Molix.