Seven Bass Float Tube COBRA

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The flagship of its float tubes range: COBRA 170

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To extend the success of the ARMADA, SEVEN BASS is proud to introduce you the flagship of its float tubes range: COBRA 170!

SEVEN BASS keeps on shaking up the float tubes world with the COBRA... This hybrid float tubes is based on the ARMADA, supple-
mented with a set of oars + 2 keels in order to prevent sideways drift and to improve sailing + 1 inflatable floor to enhance your

position over the water. Thanks to this inflatable floor, the max. load weight on this model increases from 160kg / 352.74lbs to 180kg /
396.83lbs. You have never been as high and as safe as in the Cobra! This float tubes is supplied with a water resistant storage bag that
fits perfectly behind the seat.All this is delivered with a big carryall bag that makes transport easy.It benefits from a clever backpack
straps system to be carried easily once it is inflated.