Summer Perch Bundle

  • Flatnose Mini - Kiwi Bite (price: $15.98)
  • Illex Riser Bait 008 (8 cm) - Green Mackerel (price: $27.48)
  • Svartzonker McCelly 7cm 9gr - Crucian Carp (price: $12.53)
  • TINY BOOMER 5G - Purple Rock (price: $10.23)
  • Gunki Spinnaker 1/4 7gr - Metallic Bleek (price: $10.23)
  • Abu Garcia® Reflex Red - Color: C Red Dot (price: $5.63)


We put together a perch kit especially good to use during the summer!

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What is this?

Bundle Incudes:

Flatnose Mini - Kiwi Bite 

Flatnose Mini is our all time favorite softbait for perch fishing and also spinnfishing for zander. You can rig it in many different ways but the most traditional is with a jig head, we recommend a size 4/0. Bounce it on the bottom and the perch and zander will strike!

Illex Riser Bait 008  (8 cm) - Green Mackerel 
A great lure for all your favourite predators. The aerodynamic body design is a real advantage in strong winds or when you need to fish at extra-long range. This is an essential lure for accurate distance angling from shore or boat targeting sea or freshwater species.

Svartzonker McCelly 7cm 9gr - Crucian Carp
With its wide and oval body, the McCelly provides a realistic baitfish profile and along with its wandering, erratic movement pattern it attracts all types of predators.

TINY BOOMER 5G - Purple Rock
The BOOMER has proved its worth catching a variety of predators over the years but our testers have found it particularly deadly for big perch! This new mini version has all the great features of the original. 

Gunki Spinnaker 1/4 7gr - Metallic Bleek
Unique head design ensures that the Spinnaker has a low balance point which helps keep the lure stable when retrieved and more horizontal as it sinks. Great for slow rolling type retrieves. This spinnerbait has a few other special features.

Abu Garcia® Reflex White - Color: OR
The Abu Garcia Reflex Spinner is an all time best seller since 1951. Reflex has a simple design that’s easy to use and catches fish of all species.


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