Summer perch fishingset!

  • Abu Garcia® Tormentor Spinning Combo 2pcs - 8' 7-28g/2000+0,17 (price: $123.43)
  • NAYS BLD RNNR, D07, 10gr (price: $14.10)
  • Baby Shark 10 cm - 8-pack, Motorblock (Limited Edition) (price: $13.01)
  • Spro Jighead22 4/0, 5gr (price: $4.26)
  • NAYS MZ RNNR M Spinnerbaits, D-04, 10gr (price: $15.20)


The rod and reel comes already pre-spooled, as well as a bunch of lures we really think you should fish with during the summer!

This purchase will pay 3 058 fishcoins now!
What is this?

The perfect summer fishing combo! Works great if you want to fish for perch or zander, but also works if you want to catch a pike!

The rod and reel suits good for perch fishing and lighter zanderfishing. 8 feet is the most normal rod lenght if you fishing mostly from a boat but also from land.

The line is from Fireline and its a very high quality, 0,17mm (breaking strenght 10,7kg) fits perfect on the reel.

Breaking strengt means that the line can hold a weight of 10,7kg before it can break.The perch cannot in any case break the line.

The lures we have choosen are perfect selected for summer fishing and with theese 3 you have different lures during the summer.

We fished a lot with BLD RNNR from Nays last summer and got many nice perch and also pike. You can fish it in different ways; either you just retrive it and let the spoon do the work, halfway in you can make a quick spin stop. You can also fish this as a jig, bounce it on the bottom and you will get hard strikes from the perch!

Baby Shark is a paddle bait that you rig on a jig head and then bounce on the bottom and let it sink. Often when it drops to the bottom, this is when the perch comes!

Spinnerbait is always a safe bet in the summer! Throw out and retrive it, no spin stop is needed and you will get hard chops. Expect aggressive perch and some pike!

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The rod and reel comes already pre-spooled, as well as a bunch of lures we really think yo...