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  • Daiwa Ballistic LT Spinning, 2500D (price: $288.00)
  • Molix Fioretto Essence All Round 8'4''(250m) 15-50gr (price: $403.24)
  • Berkley Fireline Ultra 8, Smoke 0,17mm (price: $24.09)
  • NAYS PRDTR 12,7 cm (5 inch)C05 (price: $10.95)
  • Bitehead Jig Head Lead 5/0 15gr -4pack (price: $5.65)
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What is this?

The 17‘ Ballistic LT is based on the novel LT concept (Light & Tough) from DAIWA. The new LT reels are distinctly lighter and at the same time offer more power than the previous models. The dimensions of the reel body have been scaled down while the retrieving power is improved by the new drive gear construction.

The distortion-proof Zaion reel body secures safe housing of the gear unit and supports the low weight of the reel. The ATD drag system features a continous and even drag power without starting resistance. The CNC cut aluminum handle is firmly screwed at the drive gear, leaving no room for gaps. The MagSealed system prevents the intrusion of water via the shaft – perfect for sea fishing – while the CNC cut Tough Digigear supports optimal retrieve power and permanent durability. 

The drag power has been increased by the new design – the 2500/3000 sized models offer a maximum drag power of 10kg and the smaller models up to 5kg.

Ergonomics, thickness, gauge, balancing and coupling of different materials are the peculiarities characterising this project. The fusion between the best manufacturing processes as the exclusive HMSHM Technology, which was built up by mixing and shielding differentiated modulus carbon fibre sheets and the essentiality of the Molix design, whose function is to enhance the unique characteristics of these blanks are the signature elements of this product.

The Fioretto Essence rods are entirely developed in Italy and tested worldwide by experienced fishermen.

The Fioretto Essence handles were designed to be ergonomic, functional and light. Made of Premium quality EVA, they ensure a strong and safe grip in any fishing condition. The exclusive reel seats amplify the feelings they generate and the sensitivity, improving its handiness.

The Fioretto Essence rods come with Fuji FazLite rings.

Light and sturdy, designed to be used with braided lines and capable of enduring unfavourable environmental conditions. The special patented and eco-friendly “CC” (Corrosion Control) treatment that is used to manufacture the frames is sevenfold more resistant to corrosion than the old stainless-steel ones.

 Berkley Fireline Ultra 8, Smoke 0,17mm

Compared to classic FireLine®, Fused8-Carriers create:

• Best Casting - Casts 10% farther
• Strongest - Made with the highesttenacity Dyneema® PE Fiber
• Toughest - 50% Greater Abrasion
• Best Handling - Rounder, more consistent
line structure

The Nays PRDTR has taken the market by storm. You might have seen it in PERCH PRO 6 fished by the founder Dustin Schöne, teamed up with Tobias Ekvall. Nays Predator has proven it self as a high-end Perch, Zander and even Pike snack. Scented with Garlic scent.

Bitehead Lead jiggheads for your perch jigs.

All of them comes in 4-pack

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