Gator Gum 27cm, 145g


New, bigger Gator Gum!

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Length: 27 cm Weighs: ~145 grams.

GatorGum is the first hybrid rubber bait of its kind, its unique swimming action is a blend of swim-bait and shade, giving the special irregular motion that we angler desired, knowing that this is the triggers a pike to strike!

Basically that means that you only have to cast and retrieve, and GatorGum does everything by itself with its perfect erratic swimming action.

The trick is not to put too much wight on this bait, a slow-retrieve and with either a twitch or speed up, and the bait does its best dance move!

If you target big pike, this bait is an absolute killer, with numerous large fish to its wall of fame.

Use GatorGum fishing baits with our shallow rigged stinger for a reliable hooking presentation, or with conventional jigheads and stinger tackle setups.

Length 26-30 cm
Weight 141-160 gr
Choose species: Pike
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New, bigger Gator Gum!