Perfect gifts

Here you find the perfect gift for Perch, Pike and Zanderfishing! We have put together kits with our favorite baits and suitable hooks.

If you need any help with choosing, you can click on the speech bubble to the right and write to us and we will help you in the right direction!



Great present to you or someone you know! Email us what amount you want to purchase and we...

Fine Art Print by Tomas Hammar 50x70cm "Pike before the Bite"

Tomas Hammar


This is a collaboration between Kanalgratis and the artist Tomas Hammar. Available only i...

"Start fishing" Pike 2

Abu Garcia



Flatnose Mini and Jig heads

EJ Lures


Flatnose Mini from Edvin Johansson is an effective soft bait for perch! Together with SP...

Flatnose Shad with stinger BUNDLE


Our favorite lure Flatnose shad with a stinger that fits perfect!

BUNDLE - 2 x Flatnose Dragon and stinger (German approved)

EJ Lures


2 X Flatnose Dragon (Golddigger and Real Roach) and a stinger. Proven to work on the Germa...

Flatnose Shad Golddigger with stinger

EJ Lures


This bundle contains one Flatnose Shad in the color Golddigger and a stinger!

ICE OUT PIKE BUNDLE (Edvin's picks)


This is Edvins favorites for ICE OUT pike fishing. Get inspired and catch pike!

ICE OUT Tobias Pike Bundle


This is Tobias favorites for ICE OUT pike fishing. Get inspired and catch pike!

BUNDLE Wild Header and Nettel Mini


Nettel Baits


Choose your own color combination and go out to get those perch!

Drop Shot Perch Fishing kit (Tie It Yourself)


EJ Lures


We have the perfect drop shot rig-kit! With the right fluorocarbon, hooks, weights and gre...

Monkey Rib 10-pack with SPRO Jig Head Jig22



Choose your favorite color of the Monkey Rib,SPRO Jig Head Jig22, 4/0, Choose weight

Team Galant Hardbait selection


Strike Pro


Extremely efficient baits to catch the perch! 🔥

Monkey Vibe with Ned Head 10cm, 2/0


Monkey Vibe 10cm, 16-pack together with Ned Head 2/0, color Dark Brown, 7gr

Monkey Vibe with Ned Head 8cm, 1/0


Monkey Vibe 8cm, 16-pack together with Ned Head 1/0, color Dark Brown, choose weight!

Game Changer book by Blane Chocklett




A true masterpiece of a book by Mr. Game Changer himself Blane Chocklett.