Z-Man TRD Hogz 7,6cm 6-pack



Super effective creaturebait perfect on a Ned head!

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What is this?

Mimicking a variety of invertebrates that make up the bulk of a bass’ diet, the 3" TRD HogZ™ is a ribbed, compact-profile creature bait designed to pair perfectly with Z-Man’s Finesse ShroomZ™ and NedlockZ™ jigheads for Midwest finesse-style applications.

Featuring legs and twin tails that quiver at the slightest movement, its buoyant ElaZtech body stands up off the bottom at rest, bringing the bait to life. TRD HogZ are a game-changing option for Ned Rig anglers experiencing tough bites, or simply seeking to maximize their time on the water with as much fish-catching action as possible.

Length 6-7 cm
Length 8-10 cm
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Super effective creaturebait perfect on a Ned head!