Here we haveput together our favorite fishingkits with lures! Our favorite baits for different seasons, lures with stingers and jigheads etc. You find everything for pike, perch, zander, bass and more! If you want any help you can contact us in the chat bubble to the right.

BUNDLE Wild Header and Nettel Mini


Nettel Baits


Choose your own color combination and go out to get those perch!

Flatnose Baby Dragon with Carolina Rig ready to use



Carolina rig and Baby Dragon - the perfect perch fishing combo! Choose your favorite Color...

BOB Ned rig finess kit

Bite of Bleak


Miuras Mouse and Nettel Laken Bundle!


Miuras Mouse - 23 cm, 95 gr and Nettel Laken 75 gr, 28 cm with tail stretched out Bundle! ...

Shimano Bantam Bundle



New hardbaits from Shimano you definetly should add to your lurebox! Approved by Team Gala...

Monkey Vibe 8cm with Ned Head 1/0


Monkey Vibe 8cm, 16-pack together with Ned Head 1/0, color Dark Brown, choose weight!

Monkey Vibe 10cm with Ned Head 2/0


Monkey Vibe 10cm, 16-pack together with Ned Head 2/0, color Silver, choose weight!

Sick Vamper 22cm 3 for 2


Choose your 3 favorite colors of the Sick Vamper 22 cm for the price of 2!