Carolina/Texas Rigs - Tie it Yourself

  • Strike Wire Fluorocarbon 0,28 mm (price: $11.49)
  • Owner J Hook Offset 3/0 (price: $6.85)
  • Flatnose Baby Dragon 11 cm - 10-pack Kiwi (price: $16.13)
  • Darts Float Stop (price: $3.37)
  • Darts Glass Beads - Faceted 6mm 9-pack Black (price: $0.00)
  • BFT Crane Swivel - 10 pack (price: $5.22)


In this bundle we include the necessary stuff you need to tie your own Carolina/Texas rig.

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Carolina/Texas rig can be the key on days where the perch might be a abit tricky to catch. With this bundle we include everything you need to tie your own rig, including a pack of Flatnose Baby Dragon which have slotts on top and belly, which is perfect for this kind of rig!

Click here to see how to fish with Texas Rig and Carolina Rig

Gunki Ice Fluorocarbon 25m  0,24mm

Top of the range fluorocarbon (PVDF) with some very special qualities. The refractive index is very close to that of water so it is virtually invisible. Being totally waterproof means almost no stretch compared with nylon and this is particularly impressive in the lower diameters. Sinks three times quicker than classic lines which helps with precision fishing or where you don't want a slack belly of line to form. The line is exceptionally abrasion resistant - perfect for sanggy swims – and strong. Supplied in a plastic spool with soft edges that automatically catches the line.

The Owner J Hook Offset is an offset hook with a wide hook gap for excellent hooking performance that also makes it possible to fish in weeds. Perfect to use on a Carolina or Texas rig.

Ever since the Flatnose Dragon was released a few years ago, it has served as a safe card for many pike anglers around Europe for those slow days when the fish aren't biting properly, or in cold water conditions. This is exactly when the Flatnose Baby Dragon will come into play as well. 

Darts Glass Beads - Faceted 6mm Black 9-pack

When used on a Texas or Carolina Rig, a glass bead makes a unique, more "crispy" sound compared to plastic or metallic beads. They also reflect more light and give a really cool visual effect, especially these faceted ones.

The BFT Crane Swivel is a perfect swivel made out of stainless steel for your rigs and leaders. We use the tiny size 8 for perch fishing and size 2 for pike fishing. Don't let the small size of the #8 scare you off - it has an 80 lbs test strength - more than enough for most perch in other words. The size 2 has a test strength of 310 lbs.

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In this bundle we include the necessary stuff you need to tie your own Carolina/Texas rig.