Clear Water Bundle - Pike

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When fishing for Pike it's important to bring different type of lures. Therefor we made this bundle!

  • Guppie Jr Shallow - Motorpike (price: $23.89)
  • Fatnose Shad - Crystal Pike (price: $15.17)
  • Flatnose Dragon - Natural Eelpout (price: $15.17)
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What is this?

Sometimes softbait with a paddle works great, but if the Pike are tricky, a curly tail version like the Flatnose Dragon will work better. And other days, a jerkbait like the Guppie will outfish everything else.

This bundle includes; 1 x Guppie Jr Shallow - Motorpike, 1 x Fatnose Shad - Crystal Pike and 1 x Flatnose Dragon - Natural Eelpout.

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