Gunki Iron-T Chooten - Spinning 198ML 3,5-14 gr



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Power Feeling rods for perch fishing!

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What is this?

These POWER FEELING blanks have extra-sensitive tips that pick up the slightest bite or movement on your lure. Fitted with Fuji K rings and micro-guides, the rods are extremely responsive – ideal for all tactile styles of fishing. T

he fast action lends itself to a wide range of tactics and with rods of different lengths and power in the range you can cover all finesse style situations - drop shot, micro jig, light jig head, weightless…

Also great for linear fishing with plugs or soft baits. A lot of thought has gone into the handle design. Made entirely from cork with a uniquely comfortable ergonomic profile, these handles improve casting and lure control with the added bonus that cork is a good insulating material so your hands stay warmer when fishing in cold winter weather! 1 + 1 sections.  

Action: Extra Fast
Length: 198 cm
Weight: 108 gr
Power: 3,5-14, max 21 gr