Gunki Gigan 4,6cm 7,6gr Floating



Seek out the biggest perch with this tiny bait!

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Vad är detta?

We designed this diminutive 46mm GIGAN to dive quickly and seek out the biggest stripeys. The weight transfer system helps accurate long range casting and gets the lure down through the water column. Great for fishing around structures and the edges of weed beds.

The action is a subtle blend of rolling and wobbling offering little water resistance making it very easy to retrieve. Ideal when perch are holed up along overgrown and snaggy banks. Comes with a ring below the bib for adding an extra weight to really get the bait down deep and fish it like a tiny crankbait!

Längd 1-5 cm
Weight 6-10 gr
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Seek out the biggest perch with this tiny bait!

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