Gunki G'Tex Orange/Fluo Yellow



Hook for Texas rig from Gunki.

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For setting up Texan rigs there is no wider choice of heads on the market than our G’TEX range. The hook hangs at almost a 90° angle to the line which improves your strike rate and gives a smooth gliding action to your lures. Equally at home on straight retrieves or vertical fishing situations the offset centre of gravity on the G’TEX head gives a realistic live bait type action to baits when paused- a sure way to provoke an attack from following fish! Developed to work alongside our new JUNGLE soft baits for searching out snaggy swims where no other anglers dare fish! Available from 3/0 to 5/0 and 5 to 15g, the G’TEX range covers the needs of most European predator anglers!

Qty/pack: 3

Hook type Offset hooks
Hook Size 3/0
Hook Size 4/0
Hook Size 5/0
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Hook for Texas rig from Gunki.