Lucky RAT - Chipmunk (Lucky Lures)

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The Lucky Rat is the newest addition to the Lucky Lures family.

Den här produkten ger dig 2 390 fishcoins nu!
Vad är detta?

For a long time we wanted to create a surface swimming rat that can be easily cast and also trolled. Featuring a lipless design, a soft yet durable and replaceable silicone tail and last but not least a top hook rigging system with a magnet holder for fishing over weeded areas.

This was not an easy task and it took us about one whole year to get the design right making and testing many prototypes in diferent setups. Now we are way proud to finally release this little furry friend that gave us such joy fishing it last spring, summer and fall.

There is something special about rats you know - When pike attack a prey fish, it is often a quite gracious thing. When a rat is attacked however it is a whole different story, probably due to the fact that rats are nasty mean buggers themselves and they can inflict a world of pain - even to angry big toothed predatory fish like pike. When a pike attacks a rat, it goes for the kill - chomping and chewing on it for a fast kill. Combine that with a topwater explosive strike and you are bound to be thrilled.

The Lucky rats will come packed in our new deluxe wooden packaging boxes.

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